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Advanced System Optimizer 3.5 

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Advanced System Optimizer Version 2 was launched in the year 2004. Its tremendous success and feedbacks of more than 1 million users have really made the version 3 of Advanced System Optimizer state of the art product. It includes the most comprehensive set of utilities which will keep your PC running smooth, clean and error free.

Management Diagnostics

Advanced System Optimizer provides many tools to diagnose issues and maintain your computer's performance. Smart PC Care is one of these features. It combines several PC system utility features into one computer-scanning engine for the user's convenience. With the click of just one button, this tool erases junk data, defragments your hard drive, removes spyware and privacy traces, repairs and optimizes your registry, and updates device drivers. While you could perform each task using a handful of tools, it’s very helpful to have these functions in one place.

The Common Problems Fixer tab in this PC system utilities application includes features for fixing standard issues your computer might have, including fine-tuning your system, optimizing security settings and locating duplicate files.

Fixer Identifies Problems.

The PC Fixer identifies problems your computer might be dealing with and presents you with possible solutions. Think of it sort of like a troubleshooting guide. Your computer might not currently be suffering from any of the issues the PC Fixer can identify, but it’s good to understand how to solve them because they will inevitably come up.

Other features of this PC system utility work together to identify and solve security concerns. The System and Security Advisor feature gives advice on optimizing the system and security settings that can eat up a lot of system resources. The System Advisor portion of this feature checks your display items and system settings to identify security vulnerabilities, while the Security Advisor covers Windows services, network and Internet Explorer settings, system security options, file associations, and firewall and anti-virus applications. Together, these tools spot settings that aren’t crucial to the operation of your system, so you can implement the recommendations without having to worry about crashing your system.

The Regular Maintenance tab displays tools for updating your system’s device drivers, managing which applications will open when your operating system starts up, uninstalling applications you no longer need, and scheduling the system scans that Advanced System Optimizer performs.

Disk Cleaner & Optimizers

In the Disk Cleaner & Optimizers tab, there’s a feature that studies the files and folders on your computer to determine what’s consuming the most hard drive space. With this feature, you can identify larger files and delete them to free up space on your hard drive. However, we recommend that you ascertain whether the files you’re deleting are important to the functionality of your operating system before you delete them.

This application also offers a driver updater, an essential feature of PC system utilities because out-of-date device drivers are a major cause of reduced system performance. Device drivers help your hardware communicate with your software. If your hardware has out-of-date drivers, they won’t communicate with your software like they once did. The driver updater goes directly to the manufacturer's website for each piece of hardware and figures out if they’re offering new versions of their drivers

Optimization-Advanced System Optimizer

Registry keys are deleted and added to the registry several times during a day. Sometimes there’s no registry key to replace the deleted one, leaving a fragment in the system’s registry. A fragmented registry causes just as many problems as an error-filled one. Registry Optimizer evaluates several sections of the registry to determine if they’re at their optimal size. It defragments the parts of the registry that are highly fragmented, reducing the overall size of the registry and improving its response time.

The same thing that happens to the registry can happen to your hard drive as well. If you install and uninstall many applications, we recommend you defragment your hard drive on a regular basis. Disk Optimizer analyzes and defragments your hard drive much faster than Windows’ disk defragmenter and similar features found in other PC system utilities. Plus, you’re able to accomplish other tasks on your system while it’s running.

Game Optimizer caters to the growing number of individuals who play video games and is a unique feature that we didn't find in other PC system utilities. Current video games require a lot of system resources, which are difficult to come across if you have several applications running in the background. This feature creates a virtual desktop for the sole purpose of running your game. It also allocates the maximum amount of memory to increase your game speed, and it lets you replace default keys with keys that you define. With this feature, you won’t have to worry about other applications slowing down your game.

Memory Optimizer tracks your amount of total, available and used memory, as well as how much memory is left in your system and peak cache. You can also see what’s available in the page file. The Memory Optimizer allows you to manually adjust how much memory the feature frees and how fast you want the memory graph to update. While the manual adjustments are useful, this software also allows you to automate memory optimization. When your memory falls below a certain level, auto optimization will work to free additional memory. The feature can also be setup to optimize memory according to CPU usage patterns. When this option is enabled, this PC system utility will not optimize your memory when usage is very high

Ease of Use

Advanced System Optimizer is one of the easiest PC system utilities to use. The interface is structured to make sure users can easily access all its features. The features themselves are laid out in a step-by-step format with each step clearly explained. We liked that you can attack problems from several different angles with this application. The Smart PC Care feature incorporates this utility’s best features into a single function, eliminating the need to use multiple tools to get the job done. In fact, you might not even go past this feature during most of your uses of this utility.


When it comes to PC system utilities, Advanced System Optimizer is a comprehensive application, offering tools to fix most problems affecting computer performance. Beginners will have an easy time using this application because its interface makes the process of repairing your computer easier than most PC system utilities do. Every feature is self-explanatory, and each is also among the most powerful of its kind. With such a robust and useful feature set, Advanced System Optimizer is the be-all, end-all computer maintenance solution.

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